Laughed & Cried


I have laughed in his presence, I have cried in his presence, but most of all, I have always been entertained. From Torfaen to Toronto, Dublin to Denver, Abersoch to Atlanta, I’ve witnessed the pure comedic talent that Phil is blessed with. Keep Cwtshing Phil. Anthony Jones. Ireland

Warmth and Biting Wit!


Phil is an interesting paradox of warmth and biting wit, not only that, but his willingness to drop his trousers for charity endeared himself to many ladies in the audience. He is definitely one of the funniest men I have met (and I have met a few) Lesley-Sharon Davies, IFA & Charity Events Organiser

Laughter Before He Even Speaks


The face that induces laughter before he even speaks! Always funny & topical. If you need an MC for your conference or a comedian who can be relied upon to make your audience laugh till they cry, whilst starting and finishing on time, Phil will always deliver. Lee Clarke.

St Davids In Toronto


Phil provided us with the best St Davids’ night ever in Toronto. Everyone went away laughing. Wish we could see more of him, (and I DON’T mean in Cwtsh underwear). Highly recommended. Myfanwy Bajaj

Not A Doctor!


Phils wealth of knowledge is unbounded when it comes to creating a mood before a show. His colleagues admire him because of the admiration and support that he has shown to them. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for him.

Matt Steele, Director of ‘The Occasional Twist’, 2012…

Funniest Man I Know


The funniest man I know. I enjoyed watching you perform and I hope I get to see one of your shows again soon, you are amazing at what you do, and I’m sure you will continue to be successful.

Patricia J V Couch