Machynlleth Comedy Festival & Gwesty Mynffordd Hotel

Machynlleth Comedy Festival & Gwesty Mynffordd Hotel

I decided to treat myself, as I was performing at the Machynlleth  Comedy Festival again this year, I searched for a bit of comfort, a B&B that was home from home.

After searching, I came across Gwesty Mynffordd hotel via  On arrival, the owner was there to greet me at reception, with a few surprising ground rules, one of which was that the doors would be locked at midnight every night!

There was no mention of this on the booking site, but the owner duly pointed out on his website that this was the case.  Now, as a performer at the festival and for anyone who has been to the festival, you can imagine that some of the most creative work and socialising is done when performers get together AFTER the shows!  This was obviously not going to happen if I had to be in bed by 12.15!  This was a bad start with no room for compromise I discovered.

A weekend in Machynlleth

A cosy B&B

Meet up with friends, a laugh a drink

And wander home ‘round 3


It started in reception

Our passes he had clocked

“You may be going out tonight

But at midnight we’ll be locked!”


My jaw dropped in amazement

My pupils large and rounded

You must be f*****g joking mate

This feels like I’ve been grounded!


I’m only getting started then

(by now I’d got quite shirty)

How can I tell my drunken mates

I leave at 11.30?!


They are the rules, they can’t be bent

It’s written in a clause

If you get back at 12:01

You won’t get through those doors!


A drink, a curry check my watch

We’ve timed this to perfection

Pull up the drive with time to spare

He’s standing in reception!!


His key in hand, he trembles now

His eyes all glazed and misty

He grins a manic evil gin

I sprint like Linford Christie


He points the key towards the lock

Won’t take his eyes off mine

I jam my foot inside the door… 11:59!!!!


Despite the curfew, the breakfast was very nice, plentiful coffee, room looked clean and tidy…however, I did surprisingly end up sharing my room on Sunday night with a small, furry visitor, who not only decided to take a liking to my packet of Aero Mint balls by the side of the bed, but leave a few deposits of his own on the bedroom floor in the process.  As Brucie might have put it…. “mice to see you, to see you, mice”.  We live and learn.  Never again…..  Trip Adviser would not post any of the above. Amazing