I don’t half get annoyed when some blonde, mini-skirted, giggling n’ jiggling, stunningly attractive, air-headed breakfast TV weather- forecaster tells me it’s the hottest July we’re experiencing since the last hottest July. Especially when she then jumps out of bed and refuses to make me a cup of tea before she goes to work.


Whether you’re a dedicated sun lover or buy some other daily paper, let’s all agree it’s been damned hot and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my weeks in this glorious business of show, it’s that relentlessly hot weather is not conducive to the performing of comedy. Or the making of snowmen.


So I was grateful we didn’t have a heat wave in 2012 because last August I performed at the S4C Gala Gomedi in the Pavilion at the National Eisteddfod in the Vale of Glamorgan.


With the speed and immediacy that TV companies are known for, they broadcast it eleven months later – just over ten days ago. In fact they showed it twice so I did ask a man at S4C if there was any chance of a repeat fee and he pulled himself up to his full height, looked me straight in the knee and said “How many times did you perform in the show, Mr. Evans? “.


“Once” I replied. My knees were knocking, but no one answered the door.


“Then, Mis-ter Evans, you’ll only get paid once!” he countered, safe in the knowledge he had logic, common sense and a six-foot bodyguard on his side.


Anyway, the show was broadcast on S4C on a July Saturday night and went out just before most sensible viewers did. No, that was another joke. I do try to drop one in now and then, as a reminder of what I do for a living. Remind me what it is I do for a living?


I was told that the TV show did very well audience-wise. Though I did hear one man wrote a rather stinging letter of complaint, saying “My enjoyment of the S4C Gala Gomedi was spoiled by a rather awkward problem with my armchair. It was facing the TV set!”


I must give a mention to my fellow comedians on the night, a group of talented Welsh performers who I’ve known and worked with many times before…and yet , despite that, I always find myself being suckered-in to work with them again.


Here’s the roll call…though in Gary Slaymaker’s case, that should be bacon-roll call. No that’s unfair. Gary is currently on a health kick. If I mention his health, he gives me a kick.


In no particular alphabetical order, my comedy cohorts were….Daniel Glyn; Dean ap Johnson; Tudur Owen; Arthur Picton; Dewi Pws; Gary Slaymaker; Ifan Tregaron; Mr Phormula and Meilyr Gwynedd They all have their various styles and in turn they all got the large Pavilion audience rocking with laughter and well entertained. Team work at its best.


People whose opinions I trust tell me I didn’t do too badly either. I must have done okay because since the show was broadcast I’ve been approached about some possible TV appearances in the not too distant. But keep that under your hat, play your cards close to your chest and keep your powder dry.


Once you’ve managed all that, remember to keep your gob shut too!


I can tell you one thing for sure, I’ve been booked for the 2013 S4C Gala Gomedi at the Denbighshire and District National Eisteddfod in August, along with several other comedians , some of who were on the bill with me at the 2012 Eisteddfod. Although I’m a little nervous about playing such a prestigious gig for the second year running……although I will be standing still for some of my performance…I’m really looking forward to it and have been preparing new material and routines in readiness.


So, based on how long S4C took to broadcast the 2012 show, perhaps you’d like to join me for my July 2014 blog, when I’ll tell you how the TV version of the show was received.


Meantime, in order to cool down during the current phenomenal heat wave, I’m going to strip-off down to my socks and stand in front of the freezer for an hour. I just hope the manager of Morrisons doesn’t catch me…again. You don’t want him running behind you with one of those big pointy signs telling you which check-out lady is free.


Until then next time, please remember that all it takes is one voice, singing in the darkness…and the bastard will keep you awake all night….


Thanks for reading and please share 😉 xxxx