Those traditional festive sights and sounds

I’m truly devastated. Following another long day, I came home late last night only to find all the doors and windows open and everything stolen . . .

What kind of sick person does that to someone else’s Advent Calendar?

Did I get you there?

But how would you feel if your home had been broken into, which at this time of year is something that happens to so many.

Cars, sheds and homes are targeted throughout the run-up to Christmas as so many of us take our personal security for granted.

Being the victim of crime can have a devastating effect on us and the police tell us to keep all valuables locked up and out of sight.

Good advice. However, most of us only practice this after we have been affected by such a crime.

And another thing. If your Christmas tree lights work the first time you plug them in . . . there is something definitely wrong with them!

It’s not normal, it wouldn’t be Christmas without five hours trying to get the lights working and having a tantrum!

A magical entertainer

Last week I hosted an event that helped to raise much needed funds for the MIND charity.

As the guests arrived and sat down for their meal, gasps of amazement and applause could be heard echoing throughout the room.

The reaction was as a direct result of some truly spectacular illusions and magic performed by the very charming and creative Luke Gravett the magician.

Some of you may have already seen him, but if not you must try as he will leave you gasping with amazement.

Luke has been performing magic for more than 20 years and has travelled the world with his passion.

Although magic is frequently seen on television –  when people witness it being performed in their own hands the experience is completely different. No camera tricks and no editing always makes for pure astonishment.

Luke is the resident magician at The National Botanic Gardens of Wales and also performs at the theatre shows at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire.

Most recently, Luke was the recipient of the Welsh National Weddings award for the Best Wedding Entertainment category which doesn’t surprise me at all.

Curious case of space invaders

“Please step back! You’re invading my space!”

Chances are you’ve heard that being said sometime, on TV, in a film or in the street. Like many expressions, slang words and over-enthusiastic responses in common use today, it originated from the United States.

It’s unfortunate there wasn’t a dock workers strike on the day the ship arrived here carrying amongst its cargo the expression that always sounds so peculiarly ‘wrong’ delivered in a British accent…

“Hey buddy! That was so AWESOME!”

Nevertheless it landed on British soil and invaded the space once occupied by the perfectly serviceable “I say, old chap! That was rather impressive!” which I used to hear all the time in ‘pubs around Llanelli…don’t you know!

I’ve never knowingly invaded anyone’s space – well not until last week, that is, when I parked my car in a town centre car-park, leaving, I thought, plenty of room either side for drivers to get in and out of their vehicles.

When I returned to my car, I found a piece of paper stuck to my windscreen that said…

“Summons, Notice of Inconsideration, Your Vehicle is Parked Very Selfishly” and in very poor handwriting, a word that I can’t print but rhymes with anchor.

Although I’d definitely left enough room, this driver thought I was guilty of inconsiderate parking – a ‘crime’ that obviously concerned him greatly, because the note he left was pre-printed!

He must keep loads of them in his vehicle to distribute around any car park where he thinks his space has been invaded.  Which begs the question, maybe it’s HIS (or her) parking that is inconsiderate, now there’s a thought.

If he happens to be reading this, let me say “Pal, you’ve got a persecution complex and need to stay in more!”

This incident happened in the same week newspapers reported the majority of car park spaces in Britain are now too small for many modern wider-bodied vehicles.

A normal saloon car is 6’ 5 inches wide and while they should fit comfortably into the standard car park space of 7’ 8 inches, 4 x 4’s and pick-up trucks take up much more space.

As car park scrapes & scuffs cost motor insurers an incredible £1.4 billion each year, there‘s a call for car park spaces to be increased in size to accommodate these ‘Chelsea tractors’.

Possibly there’s a connection between the obesity epidemic and the rising popularity of larger cars – but I won’t be the one to suggest there might be too many overweight drivers around.

No Sirree Bob!

As they say in the ‘pubs around Llanelli.

Comfort comes before fashion

I don’t know about you but over the past couple of days I’ve had some trouble warming up. At this rate I will be digging out the thermal underwear, which have been hidden away up until now following last winters’ holiday.

On Saturday evening I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the punters frequenting Wind St in Swansea were wearing next to nothing. Yes – bare legs and flimsy tops and certainly no fur coats. And the women were just as bad.

Don’t get me wrong, extremely fashion conscious, but zero practicality.

It’s now dawned on me that I’m at an age where comfort and practicality takes precedent over fashion. Boring to some I know, but I’d rather be warm and happy than cold and miserable. Please don’t say that I’m alone on this?

For the record, it must have been cold last weekend as I passed my local councillor and he had his hands in his own pockets. Just sayin

It’s good to share

Every week I get a chance to share a bit of me with you, which at times can be both challenging and colourful, yet a privilege for me in many ways.

Having said that, occasionally the South Wales Evening Post editors do pull me up on a few things. And there was me thinking that freedom of speech was now in abundance in these modern times. Not true.

So why do we read the newspapers when we are bombarded with news items from one source or another twenty four hours a day, seven days a week?

Well maybe your reasoning is different to mine, but research suggests that we are addicted to gossip and negative news. Could this be the reason that the majority of the population can’t keep secrets?

This has certainly made me think about my back catalogue of stories, which on the whole are true, despite the slight exaggerated bits for comedic effect. I’m sure you understand.

Not that I’m complaining mind you – as I love the fact that as part of my job people share events and stories with me. Long may it continue.