First impression’s not very healthy

Last week, I visited a friend in Morriston Hospital and was amazed at the sight that greeted me while walking into the main entrance.

Before my very eyes a nurse had assisted a patient outside in a wheelchair, complete with an intravenous drip attached, coughing uncontrollably while attempting to smoke a cigarette.

What made it harder to believe is that we were surrounded by No Smoking signs. In fact, the whole of the hospital grounds are covered in no smoking signs.

I love our NHS and the hard-working, committed staff that are at the grass roots but something clearly is not right here.

Being in hospital and having a major operation could be an ideal opportunity to make some positive life changing decisions about our health.

To see the No Smoking policy implemented would be a step in the right direction. We all need to take responsibility for our own well being.

Healthy eating, a bit of exercise and even a daily dose of laughter and cwtshes will help. Just a thought…