A typically Welsh welcome

Last weekend, I visited a well known little fishing village, namely Laugharne.

On entering the village I came face to face with a poster of a TV comedian by the name of Omid Djalili, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Apparently Laugharne had a rather successful comedy festival, great stuff!

This beautiful area is probably best known as the former home of Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas.

This is where he created some of his finest work and, with the peaceful, spectacular surroundings and views from his boathouse, it’s very easy to see why he became so inspired to write such timeless classics here.

The locals are extremely warm and friendly, to the point where I’m sure if I had just walked into someone’s home and made myself a cup of tea they would have welcomed it and probably thrown in a Welsh Cake!

The whole place has a warm, friendly feeling that you can only find in a small Welsh village such as this . . . magic!