When you almost park on top of a Fiat 500 in a hospital car park

Research has shown that we spend four days a year searching for a car parking space – unless you’re in Morriston Hospital car park, then it’s four days a week!

No doubt, it will continue to be for years to come as the challenges faced with parking seem to be increasing on a regular basis.

Millions have been spent on new buildings and improved services, which it provides for thousands of patients in Wales and beyond.

The Morriston site is home to many unsung heroes, with a passion for making a difference, despite being grossly underfunded. The overworked staff are stretched to the limit, but still manage to do a great job, many of whom perform at a level over and above the normal call of duty.

Anyway, I digress.  Car parks!

Do you know what my latest gripe is?  When you are going round and round in circles to try and find a space, then out of nowhere it appears, you eagerly approach the space and position the car for the perfect reverse manoeuvre, only to find a Fiat 500 is parked there already, but is so small you can only see it as you almost park on top of it!

Don’t tell me I am the only person to have done this?