American gun laws are no joke

Keeping the Second Amendment.

If you doubt Las Vegas is the ‘Entertainment Capital Of The World’, just consider who’s performing there this month . . .

Celine Dion; Elton John; Creedence Clearwater’s John Fogerty; Jennifer Lopez; Billy Idol; Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band; Britney Spear . . .  AND Hollywood comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short.

If any of them came to Swansea for a one-off show, tickets would sell out in minutes. Vegas boasts big star names all year round and ticket prices and audience expectations are always high.

So, it must have been a challenge for Vegas entertainers, especially the comedians, to go out on stage the night after the terrible event that unfolded in the shadow of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Despite the tragedy, visitors who’d pre-booked their seats months before would have turned-up expecting to be entertained, if only to try and forget what had happened for a couple of hours.

The performers, being true pros, would have risen to the occasion, I’m sure. But there must have been the odd difficult, emotional moment and the comedians would have checked their material for any potentially controversial lines prior to going on.

There’s an equation that suggests “Tragedy + Time = Comedy”.

But does it?

Today, the joke “Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, what did you think of the play?” is acceptable because President Lincoln died 150 years ago and hardly anyone who was around then is alive today.

However, although President Kennedy was shot more than 50 years ago, we’d shudder if a comedian cracked a joke about his assassination.

The deaths of two Presidents and what happened in Las Vegas on October 1st span more than a century but have a common denominator – guns.

If America insists on keeping the Second Amendment – The Right To Bear Arms – perhaps the equation should be re-written as… “Tragedy + Time = More Tragedy”.