An ever-changing threat

Oh no, here we go again, the flu jab. Injecting us with germs to fight off germs.

Health officials have now said that this year’s seasonal flu vaccine is barely able to protect people from the main strain of flu being spread in the UK. Doctors are being urged to use anti-viral drugs quickly to protect vulnerable patients.

It seems that one of the strains of flu “mutated” this year, so the vaccine will be useless in protecting us from that particular strain.

Ok, this all sounds a bit Dr Who to me, I’ve got visions of lots of mutating flu viruses lining up at passport control, confusing immigration staff because they no longer look like their passport picture. “Hmmm, are you sure this is you, sir?” “Yes, of course it is, it was taken before I mutated”

Bring back traditional cold and flu cures I say, whisky and lemon, Vick’s menthol over a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head, or my favourite…. get yourself off to bed for a week!  Hope you all manage to escape the germs!