Are we nearly there yet?

It’s that time of year every parent dreads, the summer car journey with the kids!

I read this week that a report from The Highways Agency said that typically children start to ask “are we nearly there yet” after two hours and 23 minutes. They row after two hours and 37 minutes.

I seem to remember it usually used to start before we’d even left the end of our street, at about 2 minutes and five seconds!

I can remember the very hot summer car journeys, the days of no seat belts, no motorway service stations and a free felt pen when you put £5 worth of petrol in the car!

Barry Island was almost as exciting (and took almost as long to get to) as going abroad.

We were easily pleased back then!

A day on the beach, no sun cream, egg sandwiches with bits of sand in and warm orange squash. Not a McDonald’s in sight.

How times have changed!