Brewing up some interest in local ventures

Now, those of you that read my column regularly will realise that I spend a lot of my time frequenting local coffee shops, where I meet some fantastic people and also do a lot of my creative writing.

But I’ve recently come to realise that I don’t think you go to a single town in Wales now and not see one of the major coffee house franchises somewhere along the high street.

Even in some of the small quaint towns and villages, you won’t have to look far to find one.  But this made me think, there are also some of the most beautiful small, independent local coffee shops in each and every town that are usually family run and which seem to be struggling to keep up with the coffee giants.

Years ago, this was where everyone from the community got together to catch up on the local news.  On a weekly basis, I’m seeing local cafes close as they are unable to compete.  This makes me sad.

I’ve decided to make a concerted effort from now on to search for the little local coffee shops.  And if they happen to be serving homemade cake, too, it would be very rude of me not to indulge!