You can bank on this place if you want to be left alone

We all need time in our busy lives to mull over thoughts. Let’s face it, you can’t spend time in quiet contemplation while surrounded by ringing telephones, pinging e-mails and people asking questions nineteen-to-the dozen.

Luckily, I have a place where I can go to think – I’ll explain where it is in a moment.

Some of the things currently buzzing around my bonce are . . .

The naughty kids in my neighbourhood have stopped spray-painting every available surface. So, is the writing on the wall for graffiti?

Do you care how many hours of sunshine Moscow enjoyed last month?

I don’t, but I know it’s ‘six’ because it was mentioned on Radio Four’s Six O’Clock news last week.

With all that’s going on in the world, it beggars belief the programme would be concerned with the length of time Muscovites were exposed to December sunshine

Why they included such a random story was still baffling me while I stood in the place I go when I want to be left alone. You may have been there yourself. It’s called ‘A Bank Queue’

The bank once had three ‘windows’, behind which sat three staff members who served customers.

This particular day, one window was covered by a large cardboard stand which said “In A Hurry? Try Our Automatic Cash Machines!”

A second window was un-manned.

Behind a third window, a member of staff was helping a customer with a complicated, time-consuming transaction.

My thoughts as I stood there (and stood there a bit longer), listening to piped pop music and looking at a giant mural of cartoon characters used in the banks advertising, were . . .

If the bank hadn’t bought the rights to animated characters most of their customers under 40 wouldn’t recognise . . . and if they didn’t pay a licence to play pop music customers can do without, they might have  enough money to hire an additional member of staff in every branch!

Just sayin’