You can only get a cwtsh – that ends with a ‘sh’ – in Wales

The good old Welsh Cwtsh is certainly suffering due to the two-metre rule, so until it is safe to cwtsh once more, here is an interesting fact for you.

How do you spell Cwtsh?  Well, let me enlighten you. It’s ‘sh’ not ‘ch’.

Trust me, I’ve done my research on this – and the evidence is conclusive.

You know how you pronounce ‘bach’ in Welsh? Well, that’s how ‘ch’ is always pronounced in Welsh.  Now try saying ‘cwtch’ . . . I rest my case!

Over the years, I have researched this topic and consulted with people who are considered well-versed on the subject.

The way I think of the word ‘cwtsh’ is quite simple.  I split it: cwt-shhh, like something soft and quiet.  Same as the word Welsh. Wel-sssh. Not Welch!

So, there you have it, it is cwtsh!

If you are still going to insist on the English spelling ‘cwtch’, you surely need to replace the w (not a vowel in English) with a U.

Also, if you spell it ‘cwtch’ you are making it English – and you can only get a cwtsh in Wales . . .

Counting down the days until Wales can get together and cwtsh once more!