We can all help to keep our performing culture alive

The highlight of last week was performing my show in a very beautiful part of Wales.

My chums, Gary Slaymaker, Aled Richards and the legend that is Meic Stevens took on a very appreciative audience at the Felinfach Theatre near Lampeter.

This wasn’t my first time at the venue and I’ve yet to meet such a well organised, welcoming and supportive team of people.

The bigger and more popular venues scattered around the country could learn so much from the people behind this gem of a theatre.

It’s safe to say that venues and live entertainment are faced with challenges, hefty competition and the creative marketing needed to prise people away from their TV sets and back to support live entertainment within their communities.

Local authorities need to do more; local businesses should embrace the opportunity and get involved.

Supporting the performing arts and keeping venues alive plays an important part in bringing people together, thereby helping communities to thrive.

This is key to maintaining our culture and something that has sadly dwindled in the past decade.

We can all make a difference, if we take action and get involved.

Don’t let apathy win and kill off talent and our culture.