A cautionary tale for men

I have to confess that until I did my research, I thought Burns Night was an episode of Casualty.

Casualty has been running for 30 years. A mate of mine does walk-on parts and he’s played ‘Man lying on trolley’ since it first started.

The way things are with the NHS these days, a patient lying on a trolley for 30 years isn’t unusual . . .

Burns Night celebrates the birth of Scotland’s greatest poet – Robbie Burns, born in 1759. That’s more than 250 years ago. Just think, if he was alive today . . . he’d be in a hell of a state!

It may come as a surprise to you that Robbie Burns died at the age of 37. It certainly came as a surprise to him!

Robbie Burns had three great loves in his life – Haggis, whiskey and women!

He over-indulged in all three and they eventually did him in.

The constant diet of haggis wore out his digestive system. The non-stop drinking wore out his liver. And his bedroom antics eventually wore out his . . . . appetite for haggis and whiskey!

Burns suppers have been part of Scottish life for 200 years. ‘Burnt suppers’ have been part of my life since the first time I came home late from the pub.

Men never learn, do they?