Children benefit from encouragement

Last week, I came across a programme on Channel 5 that featured a single mum from Port Talbot – Dawn North – who I have had the pleasure of meeting on many occasions over the past few years as a result of my involvement with the Welsh Factor Talent Show.

When the TV programme was made, Dawn was a 47 year old single Mum on benefits, bringing up her two children, Elizabeth and Megan.

Elizabeth goes to dance classes and wants to emulate the talent of her big sister Katie, who won the Welsh Factor a few years ago.

Dawn does not want to spend any longer than she has to on benefits and is studying to better herself by doing a 6 year degree course in University, studying history.  She is setting a great example to her children about the importance of education and proving that you are never too old to learn something new!

Dawn stated, “I also took part in the documentary to prove that it was possible to survive on benefits and although I often went without, it was important that I encouraged my children to be creative and pursue their passion in the performing arts.”