Constant nagging was mainly the motivation here

The weeks are flying by and we are now approaching the end on May. Where has the time gone?

Lockdown continues and many are now stir crazy, or so my friends tell me. So many of my old skills have been put to the test over the past 10 weeks and the jobs around the house have slowly been tackled.  Yes, the DIY projects are well underway, indoors and out, and, before you ask, yes, I have also had to dig out the first aid kit.

If I’m honest with you, the whole experience of tackling the outstanding jobs that have been put off for years has been very therapeutic and a great form of exercise. Having said that, a constant nagging was mainly the motivation here.

However, the aches and pains seem to last for days, but seem to be resolved by a good night’s sleep having taken a few paracetamols. Sounds familiar?

In addition to the DIY, I have organised my paperwork and backlog of writing projects and have given some half baked jokes and stories a brand new lease of life, which means I will have some exciting breaking news to report very soon. Watch this space.