Crufts: A lesson in grooming

It appears that we are a nation of dog lovers. Whether you’ve got a mad muddy spaniel, a boisterous Labrador or a little Chihuahua tucked away in your handbag, you’ve got to admit they quickly become part of the family and to the point where we wouldn’t be without them.

Watching Crufts last week, I couldn’t quite believe some of the hairstyles and the amount of grooming that goes on to get those dogs into their showring condition!

The poodles looked like, well, trimmed garden hedges, one even had hair that wouldn’t have looked out of place on Diana Ross in the 70s!

It must take hours to get them looking that good; it takes me days to get bits of dried mince off the ends of my spaniel’s ears….

I can almost imagine the show dogs as they get home after Crufts, taking their bobbles out of their hair, throwing off their collar and slipping into their favourite comfy track suit, popping the TV on and catching up on the Crufts highlights with their paws up, relaxing.

Or is that just the way my mind works?