Easy loans – it’s never that simple, is it?

TV adverts for loans, they always seem to feature good looking, immaculately-dressed couples who already look very well off to me!

And why are they always holding mugs of tea sat at their kitchen table with their bills all neatly stacked up in a pile, almost like they’ve just ironed them.

It always looks so easy to set up theses 1300%APR loans, 30 seconds on the phone, a few nods, turn to your partner, grin, give the thumbs up and Bob’s your Uncle, debt free!

Not even a whiff of mind numbing “on hold” music, or nine minutes of “your call is in a queue, we know you are waiting?”

Then comes the never ending irrelevant questions, made worse because the person questioning you just doesn’t get your Welsh accent.

“I’d like a loan please”…. “A lawn?”  “No, a loan….. not an area of grass”…. “Oh! A LOAN, I see.  Can I start by asking you what size shoes you take, sir?” I’ll give up now I think….