Elderly deserve better than this

WHEN I was a lad, an elderly relative who’s now gone to a better place (Marbella) often said “Old age doesn’t come alone!”.  I understand what she meant.  Not that I’m feeling old myself, though I do emit a satisfied “Ahhhh!” whenever I settle into a comfy chair!

In 2019, old age is accompanied by the barely-hidden resentment*, for want of a better word, that some millennials feel towards retired people  (*Antidisestablishmentarian is a better word, but it doesn’t work in the context of that sentence.)

Last year, some idiot MP suggested retired people who’d spent years paying their mortgage, should move out of their homes to make way for young couples finding it difficult to buy a house, then move into a one-bedroom flat above a kebab shop and all-night off-licence.  The soft-headed theory being that retired couples don’t need ‘all that space’ after their children have left home.  Doh!

The reality is, of course, that offspring sometimes come back . . . bringing their own children with them.  There’s never been a time when it was ‘easy’ to buy a house.  It’s always taken a big slice of salary, whether you were earning £8,000 a year in 1968 or £18,000 in 1998.

But! There’s more!

On Breakfast TV some time ago, a young woman representing an organisation I wish I’d remembered the name of (so I could investigate how it’s funded) was allowed to voice her daft opinion that the over 70s should be banned from voting!

She said mainly ‘old people’ voted for Brexit and as a Remainer she was really annoyed about that.  Tough Cheddar!

I get annoyed with young people riding their bikes through shopping centres and talking and texting in cinemas, but I wouldn’t demand 15 minutes on the telly to rant about it.

On Breakfast TV more recently, a young man who was runner-up (not even the winner!) of a TV reality show announced that it wasn’t necessary for school children to be taught about World War Two and the Holocaust.

What a plonker!

Here’s an idea.  Let’s ban the under-30s from voicing their opinions on Breakfast TV!