Eurovision serves up showbiz at the highest level

Well, the weekend came and went at an alarming speed once again.  How does that happen?

For many, Saturday night was spent in that good old traditional way, tuned in to The Eurovision Song Contest.  Personally, it’s not the same without the grand master commentator, the late Terry Wogan. Without him, the magic has gone.

Social media went crazy for the performers, with comments good and bad from all parts of the globe, which demonstrates that this long-standing event clearly still commands a huge following.

Love it or hate it, people are still drawn to it and the whole production looks like there was no expense spared.  It was ‘showbiz’ at the highest level, despite the fact that not all the performers had the magic ingredients worthy of such a platform.

I failed to understand the voting system and so did everyone else I asked.  Could the new system have been designed by Ian Duncan Smith?

You know, the one he created to stop poor people receiving benefits?
Just asking?