Even Paxo’s got it in for the oldies now!

There are weeks when I’m not sure what I’ll write about until the moment I start work.  Other weeks I have such a variety of topics to share with you, limited space prevents me from cramming them all in.

There are also matters I frequently return to, either because they’re always hovering in the background or they craftily sneak back into our lives in a slightly different guise.  But their false moustaches and dark glasses don’t fool me.

Take the barely-hidden envy of some young people towards the elderly. Urged on by certain politicians they voice their annoyance with any baby-boomers who ‘dare’ to own their own homes and who won’t move out to let them in!  Damn cheek!

They forget that many over 70s didn’t attend university, having left school at 16 or younger to bring much-needed wages into the house.  As teenagers they didn’t have such distractions as smart phones, 300 TV channels and social media, enabling them to save a deposit for a house and ‘enjoy’ paying the mortgage off over 25 years.

Today, many baby boomers still work because they have no private pensions and their State Pension doesn’t go very far.

Lately, disgruntled under 40s have started to use the derogatory, downright ugly term ‘Gammon’ to describe elderly people with red-faced complexions, whose political opinions differ from theirs.

Who mentioned Brexit? Not me, officer!

Anyone under 40 who thinks there’s absolutely no chance they’ll have different opinions – or complexions! – when they’ve passed 70 are fooling themselves.  In later years, they’ll have lived through experiences they never imagined when in their 20s, which are bound to re-shape their views and opinions.

But it’s not just the under 40s who have it in for the oldies.  Broadcaster Jeremy Paxman has complained that thanks to political correctness, the only targets for humour these days are old people!

He’s obviously not seen my act!

I’ve no idea when Paxo was elevated to being an expert on comedy but here’s an old-age joke that definitely won’t bring a smile to his face.  Next birthday, he’ll be 70!