Everything’s looking good

Apparently, it appears that my luck is changing and the future is looking amazingly bright. Let me explain.

On February 29, I received a wedding proposal by email from a Russian lady, 25 years younger than myself, who reassures me that her intentions were honourable and she was very keen to learn to speak English.

I’d have been slightly more impressed if she’d have said Welsh.

She seemed very keen for me to accept her proposal quickly and assured me I was the man for her.

Strangely, earlier that day I also received an email from an overseas legal firm informing me that a legal loophole had been found which meant that they had chosen me to be party to a $2,000,000 inheritance. To proceed I simply needed to supply my full name and bank details.

How amazing is that?

My only initial concern here is that my future Russian bride may have already had access to my emails. She’s promised to send me a picture of herself….watch this space….