Explore the joys of life on the farm

Open Farm Sunday has now become an event firmly placed in the calendar and each year it’s great to see it’s gaining in popularity. The most recent event proved this immensely.

This is the one day of the year when many farmers open up their farms for the general public to visit and see for themselves what goes on down on the farm on a daily basis.

Farming is a way of life that many couldn’t cope with, but the farming community plays such a big and important part of our lives.

Put simply, we wouldn’t be able to function without our farmers.

Friends of mine, Martin and Nicky Dickenson run an amazing little farm set up near Carmarthen.

They welcomed visitors to come and watch them demonstrate how they bring up cattle and pigs, grow barley and continue to use a vintage combine harvester.

But what amazed me, having had my catch up over coffee and cake, is the fact that so many people out there have never visited a working farm.

Some people have never been near a farm animal, let alone touched one.

Have we now reached the point where the majority of us are so embraced with technology and the modern world that we seem to have forgotten who the people are that provide us with the food that keeps us alive and keeps the shelves in the shops and supermarkets full?