What good does throwing bricks at defenceless police horses gain?

There is so much to write about at the moment and my head is overflowing with stories, ideas and concepts to explore, with much of my inspiration coming from you, the reader.

Your positive messages have been most welcoming over the past few months, it seems we share similar views and sense of humour, well – most of the time!

I don’t know about you, but I think that events over the last weekend will make it to the history books for sure. If you honestly think that humans have evolved as a species, just spend 10 minutes catching up on the social media news over the past 10 days. What is going on?

How is it that we went from fighting Covid 19 to fighting stupidity?

I’m all for supporting a worthy cause and standing up for human rights, but what good does throwing bricks at defenceless police horses gain?  Utter madness.

Thinking about it, 2020 is similar to being five minutes from the end of the longest film ever and it starts over because it forgot another plot twist, or as my good friend Donald Melrose put it, “the audience are determining the ending not the government”. “Encore!” shouted the gathering masses.

Let’s not let all this negativity beat us. Stay strong together, stay safe and keep washing your hands.