I’ll resolve to ditch making resolutions

Many years ago, someone much older and wiser than me gave me this advice…

“Phil, there’s no point in looking back at the past. It can’t be altered. Never dwell on what was. Look forward to what might be!” …. Which I always thought was a strange thing for a history teacher to say.

However, I’ve never forgotten those words of his, which always pop back into my thoughts around this time of the year when TV, radio and the press indulge in analysing the most significant events of the previous 12 months.

I know I’m not alone when I say there have been years that I’ve been glad to see the back of for any number of reasons.

When you’ve been on this planet for a few decades, it’s inevitable that some years will bring more good things to your front door than others.

Though I would quickly add that my local pizza delivery shop has never failed to bring good things to my front door…very often with extra free garlic bread.

Now I’ve been around the block a few times and realise continuous good health, success and happiness isn’t guaranteed to everyone, I no longer tempt fate by saying on January 1st- “I’m glad last year’s over. This year can’t be anywhere near as bad!”

Oh yes it can! That mischievous little devil ‘Fate’ has caught me out more than once after I’ve said those words.

Apart from getting stink-o on cheap sherry on New Year’s Eve while watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny and regretting it the following day (not drinking cheap sherry – watching Jools Holland!) there are several other traditions associated with the turn of the year.

They include vastly improving your mindfulness and wellbeing by never again watching “Eastenders”; taking out a gym membership you’ll cancel in May; and making New Year’s Resolutions.

I only make one each year – which is… “Never make a New Year’s Resolution”.

Oops! I just realised that means I do make a New Year’s Resolution!
I shouldn’t have opened that bottle of cheap sherry!