I’m feeling the chilly arrival of winter weather

I’m in need of some help here.

My gran would always tell me to “never cast a clout until May is out” and to be honest, for most of my childhood, I never knew what on earth she was talking about.

Apparently, since the 15th century ‘clout’ is a word that has been used to describe a fragment of cloth or clothing and could be spelled as clowt, clowte, cloot, or clute.  It’s here that the saying took on two meanings, rather than just the one original.

The new meaning was a reminder not to be too quick to chuck the winter clothes before cooler days during the month of May were most likely over.

Following events of the weekend and the wrath of Storm Lorenzo doing his best to rain on our parade, I am now wondering when would be the best time to pull out the Damart catalogue (other thermal underwear retailers are available) and put my vest back on.  Putting the patio furniture and barbeque away for the winter this week left me feeling rather chilly to say the least.