Impressive amount of comic cash

Last week, Friday 13th saw another night of Comic Relief fundraising activity all over the country and widely covered on TV.

Here we saw a whole host of performers, entertainers, members of the public young and old pulling together in the name of charity, in a fun and entertaining way.

But why do we do it, what makes a nation pull together and raise such an outstanding amount of money?

This year was the first year that Comic Relief raised over 1 billion pounds.  That is a phenomenal amount of money to go towards good causes.

On this particular night I found myself entertaining members of the UNISON union, following their annual general meeting in Newport, Gwent.

This was the first time that they had taken the decision to end their AGM with a comedian for entertainment….. and this was also the first time I’d ever closed a union AGM!

From the great feedback, I already have a feeling it won’t be my last.

It was a fun and very memorable occasion for me, but more importantly, fantastic to witness a passionate union that is very much alive and working for its members.