Insulting my inner Welshman

I’ll get to the point I want to make in a minute.  Meanwhile…

As a youngster, I thought “Pride comes before a fall!” referred to mishaps that befell big-headed jockeys, steeplejacks and trapeze artistes.  Not that I used the words ‘Mishaps’ or ‘Befell’ back then.

However, it began to make sense the first time l felt proud my hard work had paid off and I achieved some success.  Then “Lady Luck” vanished and I learned that after something positive happens, life can often slap us in the chops – reminding us we’re nobody special.

Perhaps some individuals go from the cradle to the grave bathed in a golden light, never touched by tragedy or disappointment.  I’d say “Good luck!” to them…but obviously they don’t need it!

After many career “Ups” followed by a similar number of “Downs”, I thought it’d make sense to lock my Pride away in the basement. Without Pride, I couldn’t fall, right?

Yes! I’m getting to the point!

When I hear people announce “I’m a proud Welshman” so frequently it becomes monotonous – a certain daytime Radio Wales presenter is particularly guilty of this – I want to say “Look! I’m Welsh, too, and very happy to be.  But do us all a favour and stop throwing the ‘P’ word around willy nilly!”

Willy Nilly isn’t the presenters name by the way.

To the point…

My inner Welshman was insulted recently when, in an episode of the TV series “Holiday Of My Lifetime”Len Goodman took Toyah Wilcox back to somewhere she went on holiday as a child… Llangollen.

So internationally famous, everyone knows how to pronounce it.

Toyah pronounced it correctly.  Everyone they met during the show pronounced it correctly.  But Len insisted on continually mispronouncing it….


And then, during the closing credits, he had the nerve to say…
“I did my best with the Welsh pronunciations!”

Because this was blatantly untrue, I became so outraged, my Pride returned to such an extent I’m applying for a daytime gig on Radio Wales!