Life’s full of mysteries – like why can’t people who buy energy drinks drop their empty cans in a bin instead of in the street?

Maybe it’s the manufacturers’ fault for not filling their products with sufficient energy?

There’s the mystery of how a certain President of a certain country can say and do so many stupid things in one day.  I know the answer to that one. He gets up early.

I also know the answer to the question, “Who is the man who stands on College Green, Westminster 12 hours every day shouting “Stoooppp Brexiiiiitt!” through a megaphone so loudly he can be heard behind TV interviews with MPs, pundits and opinion makers?”

‘Opinion maker’ wasn’t a career option when I left school. If it’d come with medical benefits and a decent pension it might have been worth considering… in my opinion!

The anti-Brexit man with the megaphone who wears a European blue coat and matching top hat is Steve Bray. He’s 50, a coin dealer and comes from Port Talbot – the same town being visited by UFOs that I wrote about recently.

Steve Bray drove to London to begin his vocal protest in 2017.
He lived on his savings for the first year and has since lived in 14 different places, including his car.  At one point, thanks to financial help from supporters he lived in a luxury flat opposite the London home of Brexiteer MP Jacob Rees Mogg for two months.

Although he’s making what he believes is a serious point, Steve doesn’t take himself too seriously.  On the day we learned that the-then Transport Minister Chris Grayling had handed ferry contracts to a company who didn’t own any ferries, Steve appeared behind him holding a model boat named “S.S. Disaster”!

Bob Geldof once put his arm around Steve and told him “You deserve a **$$!! medal!”.  That he does.  For allowing Bob Geldof to put his arm around him and swear in his ear!

So, what will Steve do if/when Brexit happens?

Well, he could bring his megaphone back to Port Talbot and start shouting “Stopppp UFOOOOOS!”