At least we have freedom of speech to air our annoyances

This weeks’ column was written while waiting in two airports, Cardiff and Dublin.

Last weekend, I had the honour of kicking off the festive activities in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

What surprised me was the fact that it took me longer to drive to Cardiff Wales Airport than the flight from Cardiff to Dublin itself.

Forty five minutes in the air and touchdown at Dublin International Airport – impressive, I thought.

But what was more impressive was the cost. The return flight worked out to be less than £75. How does that work then?

Answers on a postcard please.

The world seems smaller these days and more accessible to many, yet not all modes of transport are affordable to everyone.

My research shows that at certain times of the day, a return train ticket to London would mean taking out a second mortgage. Is it any wonder that there are so many cars on the road?

I’m trying hard to be upbeat and positive at this time of year. However, there are so many things that challenge my thinking and develop into an annoyance. This could be an age thing!

The plus side is that the frustration often gets aired in my weekly column and (from the letters, emails and feedback on social media) it seems the same things annoy you, too!

Freedom of speech is a wonderful privilege at times.