Let’s cut biker accident toll

As an owner and rider of a motorbike, I was shocked to read this week that statistics for those killed or injured as a result of bike accidents is the highest for seven years.

Motorcyclists accounted for 37% of those killed or seriously injured on our roads, despite making up just 1% of the road traffic.

The total number of those killed, seriously or slightly injured in 2014 was 749.

So who is at fault?

Often car drivers are blamed, but as a seasoned biker I see many riders take unnecessary risks by placing themselves in dangerous positions in which other motorists have no choice other than to take evasive action, which may just avoid a collision on this occasion.

It’s a growing concern that many young motorcyclists invest in high powered machines and the latest clothing, yet they don’t feel the need to back this up with the high level of training that is readily available, at little or no cost.

Personally, I think it is up to us all to look out for each other. Something to think about!.