Let’s all start showing more compassion and set an example

People appal me at times.  Let me explain . . .

Last Saturday afternoon, I was driving towards Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli, when I noticed a lifeless body on the pavement.  What shocked me most was how many people drove past, slowed down for a look, yet nobody stopped to see if the person needed assistance.

I pulled over and ran to the still, lifeless body, but as luck would have it a police car turned up to assist.  I have no idea how long this young man had been lying there, but I soon discovered that he was unconscious, with a very weak pulse.

I didn’t find out what caused him to collapse.  However, what kind of a world do we now live in where we are willing to pass a scene like this and just blindly drive on?

If this was your son, brother, father, uncle, would you be happy knowing people just left him there with no assistance?

Had I not stopped, my conscience would have kept me awake that night with the thought that “I could have done something to help another human being at their time of need”.

How have we come to this?

The sooner we start showing compassion towards each other and accepting that every life is precious, the closer we will be to building a culture and society that is safe to bring our children up in.

Each and every one of us has an obligation to help when we can and set an example to the younger generation.