Live is too short to worry about everything all of the time

Do we go for an unhealthy body to have a healthy mind?

I have been reading a lot recently during my morning lockdown coffee and to my surprise, as I took the first bite of my breakfast multi-grain, fibre-filled, gluten-free, wheat-free chocolate muffin, I found an article which I found truly fascinating.

Apparently, middle-aged people who are obese are far less likely to suffer from dementia-related illnesses when they reach their twilight years.

Now, this got me thinking: are the professionals now telling us that it’s OK to be overweight because it will lead to a healthy mind in the future?
Is this not totally the opposite of what we’ve been told previously – that being overweight is unhealthy?

Not long ago, alcohol was bad for you, then a report came out that a glass of red wine every evening (if you are more than 60) is good for you. I think this may need to be looked at again after lockdown!

So, I have come to this conclusion: life is too short to worry about everything all of the time. We have had a shocking few months, so now “everything in moderation” is my new motto.

A cake now and then, a glass of wine here and there, some exercise and lots of laughter.  That should all be available on prescription.

Let me know what you think!