Could you live without the internet?

This week’s column comes to you directly from Oludeniz, in Turkey, where I have been relaxing and recharging my batteries for the past two weeks.

For the record, this place has not seen a drop of rain for months, temperatures have reached 42c on a regular basis and still there is no mention of a hose pipe ban. Now that wouldn’t happen in Wales!

Even when I take time off, I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve made a commitment to write a column every week for this newspaper, which prevents me from totally switching off and at times can be challenging.

But modern technology does allow me the freedom to write, engage and connect with the newspaper, the readers and my social media followers with relative ease.

Technology also keeps me informed of news updates and events back home and the four corners of the world.

These are amazing benefits, enabling communications to travel quicker than ever before – to the point where the world now seems a much smaller place.

Now then. Here is my question to you. Could you survive and would you want to live in a world without the internet?