Lost arts interlinked?

There seem to be two things that we are rapidly losing the art of in today’s society, cooking and conversation.

In a way, I think the two go hand in hand.

When was the last time you can honestly say that you sat around the dinner table with the family and ate a home cooked meal, prepared from scratch and sat there for an hour or so enjoying food and catching up on what has happened during the day?

In reality, we seem to be grabbing fast food, and then everyone sits in separate rooms on their laptops, tablets, mobile phones and catches up with the world via social media.

We don’t have to talk to each other anymore. This makes me quite sad. I wonder how many of us ever taught our children to cook? How many of your children and grandchildren can make proper gravy?

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but I do wonder how many great traditions including cooking a meal from scratch and simply holding a conversation are being lost in the process?

Something to think about, eh?