Make sure you capture those magic moments while you can

My very good friend and official show photographer, Rob Jones from Porthcawl, has taught me many valuable lessons over the years.
He is a firm believer that magic moments and memories must be captured and recorded on a regular basis.

At long last I’m now beginning to understand the importance of capturing memories of special occasions, family, friends and events that have helped shape us and turn us into the people we are today.

Looking back has so many benefits and often helps us relive feelings of joy and reflect on the good times of the people that we now so dearly miss.
Like everything else, though, there is always a down side. Like the hair cut, clothes and (in my case) a slimmer version.

With dementia becoming more of a concern to many families, taking a trip down memory lane while looking through old photos can be such a blessing and often provides that much needed relief to the pain and suffering attached to this debilitating condition.

We may not yet have a cure for dementia, but our minds can still benefit and be stimulated by pictures of days gone by.

Don’t waste the opportunity. You can thank me later.