Many of us are a little stir crazy

I don’t think any of us, even as recently as January, would have ever thought I’d be writing the words… “We’re all anxious to know when the lockdown restrictions will begin to be lifted.”

But it’s a fact that many of us are going a little stir crazy – or, in some cases, becoming very depressed after weeks of adhering to the Government’s instructions.

Even social distancing and staying away from friends and family is so alien to our nature we find it very hard – but knowing that it reduces the chances of catching the disease or passing it on, we’ve been doing what’s been asked of us.

Not being able to go out for a coffee ( and, in my case, overhear conversations I can use for material) is annoying – but we only have to look at our hospitals and care homes to realise our inability to get our daily shot of caffeine isn’t that important.

Having said that, I really hope all the independent coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in the country can ride the economic storm and re-open for customers who can’t wait to pour in through their doors and order cappuccinos, lattes and expressos…and maybe  a teeny slice of that delicious-looking cake?

Yes,  some people think the current rules don’t apply to them because they’re immune, maybe even immortal, and  recklessly gather in groups to have house parties or rowdy barbeques – but they’re the type it’s best to stay away from at any time, not just now.

Long after it was announced we shouldn’t make unnecessary journeys, particularly out of our areas, a rather foolish driver – I’m watching my language here – was stopped by the police as he entered Tenby and admitted he’d travelled there from Brighton!

I like Tenby but if I lived along the Sussex coast with its beautiful sparkling sea, why would I drive several hundred miles to sit by another beautiful sparkling sea, especially during a lockdown?

I’m not even allowed to drive to Tenby from Ammanford!

But, then, I’m not one of the immune for whom ‘the rules don’t apply’…