Marvellous mirth

Marvellous mirth:

It’s safe to say that laughter comes in many flavours: the giddy giggle, the mild chuckle, the lusty guffaw, the sarcastic “ha!”

Its meaning is just as varied, signalling everything from amusement to discomfort and distain.

For researchers, understanding how our brain interprets this complex behaviour is serious business. Yes, such research does exist.

Every day we are faced with stress and challenging situations and, as time goes on, as we get older, relaxation and laughter can slow down or halt the ageing process.

We are bombarded with information relating to weight loss, diets, exercise and such like.

But little is said about the health benefits of laughter. This is probably because of the lack of understanding by the masses . . . up to this point!

My recent visit to America, where I was party to such a discussion, left me convinced that the benefits of humour and being around uplifting people can add years to our lives, reduce the need for anti-depressants and keep our brains active for much longer.

Now, isn’t that interesting?