More silly schemes

Not everyone gets to down tools at 4pm.

I was on holiday at the time, so missed ‘National Finish At 4pm Day’ – Friday September 15th.

I had no idea it existed until I read it in one of the 14 newspapers my ‘paper boy delivered every morning I was away, even though I definitely told my newsagent I was going to Turkey for a fortnight.

I remember because he said, “This time of the year it’s lovely in Torquay”. Maybe I should have added “. . . . so while I’m away I won’t need a newspaper delivered because I can buy one in Torquay every day,” but, silly me, I didn’t. So, it was my fault.

Unbelievably, “National Finish At 4pm Day” – a blatant message to the nation to do less work – was thought up by a well-known energy drink company. Obviously, it wasn’t Irony Brew!

I won’t name it, but think Scarlet Cow and then work it out yourself. The company said, “It’s not about slacking off. It’s about being more productive.” Really?

Then why didn’t you call it “National Do An Extra Hour’s Work Day”?

The company mistakenly assumed everyone works in an office so if they left work early it wouldn’t create too many problems. But when those people descended on pubs mid-afternoon looking for refreshment, what would they have done if the bar staff had also finished at 4pm?

Treble scowls and hissy fits all round!

And how would they have got home by bus, taxi or train if all the drivers and conductors and ticket sellers had nipped off early?

As for surgeons, they can’t suddenly down scalpels and leave their patients mid-operation when they feel like it.

I suggest the energy drink company organise their own “National Think Things Through Properly Day” before they come up with any more silly schemes.