Mum’s dress sense makes a lovely story

A lovely story was brought to my attention last week, which made me think of the challenges many families are faced with at this time of year. Let me explain.

Year 11 “proms” have exploded in popularity in recent years, it’s a lucrative industry and the talk of many young people for months beforehand.  It’s scary how much money is exchanged for the “night of young people’s lives”.

But let’s not forget that food banks are ever more present in our community and on a daily basis families face tough choices to decide where limited money is spent and for some, prom remains just a dream, for fear of putting more pressure on their families.

I’ve recently been made aware of heart-warming action being taken by a mum in Llanelli who wants to enable other young people to have their dream come true, just as her daughters did. Local mum, Shareen Geers and like minded mums all over social media have gathered a collection of prom dresses, to be gifted to Year 11 young ladies to make their dreams come true.

If you know of someone who faces a financial challenge and is unable to afford a prom dress, then please contact me via this paper and I will connect you with Shareen, so that every young lady is given the opportunity to shine at their special prom.  Don’t you just love a feel good story?

Together, we can make a difference.