Could music be the answer to help heal those in pain?

So does music heal?

Not often do we witness miracles, but I’m told they do happen. Let me explain . . .

Recently, I was at a celebratory function and I couldn’t help but notice a lady of retirement age manoeuvring into the function room by the aid of a modern looking three-wheeler Zimmer frame.

Clearly, it appeared that walking any distance was a challenge and by the look on her face she was in some discomfort.

As the night went on, it could be seen that friends, family and staff were assisting in every way they could to accommodate her needs.

Food brought to the table, drinks delivered from the bar and friendly banter in copious amounts from all concerned. The ideal party atmosphere was developing. We all felt for her.

Then when the disco started, what I saw next amazed me. The lady in question got up to her feet and started jiving around the dance floor, not a Zimmer frame in sight, to the sound of ‘Rock around the Clock’.

Now, every day, I ask myself this, “Did I witness a miracle?”