Mysteries of the attic

The annual visit to the attic to bring down the decorations is always an interesting one. Why do we keep so much stuff up there?

I don’t know about you, but there are things up there that I’d forgotten about, didn’t know I had, or haven’t used for years.

Things that I will probably never even use again and also things I don’t think I have ever used before. What’s the point of keeping such items up there?

Have I become a ‘hoarder’?

So, as you can see, yet again I have discovered another bad habit that needs dealing with.

Now then – the Antiques Road Show series often had people on with items that they had found up the attic.

Not all the items found were valuable treasures, but many were interesting and had a good story behind them.

Therefore, with this in mind as I de-clutter in the New Year my mind will be focusing on the back story relating to the junk in my attic, which in all fairness could be more valuable than the items themselves.