Mysteriously disappeared

To find new material, comedians and comedy writers constantly view the world from a different vantage point to most people.

We step back and observe people’s peculiarities, quirks and attitudes.

Then, through hours of concentration, inspiration and perspiration, we turn our observations into routines.

The only way to tell whether they’re comedy gold or unfunny, self-indulgence is to perform them in front of an audience.


And you thought being a comedian was easy.

One major side-effect of constantly being an ‘outside observer’ is that it opens your eyes to things going on around you that other people have missed.

For example, I bet you didn’t know that several years ago, while we all slept, the (relatively) sane world we grew up in mysteriously disappeared.

It was replaced overnight by a new world almost identical to the old one, except that behaviour and attitudes that had previously been considered bizarre were now considered acceptable – in some cases aspirational – by millions of seemingly normal people.

Desperate attention seekers who by rights should have remained hidden away within the padded walls of their abodes, unaccountably became admired, rich celebrities – either by dressing and behaving so outrageously they conned a gullible public into believing that everything they do must be touched with genius, or by being blessed with industrial-strength brass nerve and good luck.

How else can you explain why Bjork, a woman whose voice makes the sound of broken fingernails being scraped down a blackboard sound like a soothing lullaby, has been able to hoodwink people into believing she can sing?

TV Land is awash with egotistical presenters.

We really didn’t need any more.

Then, suddenly, the exceedingly unlikeable, failed newspaper editor Piers Morgan was elevated from nonentity status to became a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent” and now he’s on breakfast TV, laughing at his own ‘witticisms’ for a living.

There’s more…

I’m completely and utterly baffled why ‘artist’ Grayson Perry so frequently appears on TV with rouged cheeks and red lipstick, wearing a frilly Alice-blue gown with a matching blue bow in his curly blonde wig, without reducing anyone who’s sat near him to uncontrollable laughter.

As no-one else will come out and say it, allow me.

The man looks flippin’ ridiculous!

Still need convincing our normal world wasn’t replaced by the off-kilter one we live in now?