I never thought I’d say this – but I do miss the Brexit debates

Over the past six weeks or so I have discovered a few things about myself and the world we now live in. Let me explain . . .

My car now does six weeks to the gallon.  The money I have saved on petrol has gone towards gym membership and I’ve started going twice a day.  It’s closed, but the walk there and back does me good.

I also discovered that you should never tell your other half that you can see her grey roots when she’s halfway through cutting your hair with an electric hair clippers.  I now have to wear a bobble hat as well as a mask and gloves. A few months ago, if I’d have walked into the bank looking like this, they’d have activated the alarm.

I called to the shop on the way back and shouted, “I’ve got Corona!” The queue cleared, and I was only buying a pack of beer.

How Covid-19 has changed me.  I had a call asking me if I’d had an accident in the last three years and I kept the young man on the phone for over two hours just for a chat.

Well, I never thought I’d say this. But I do miss the Brexit debates now.

Right then. I must dash. I’m off to buy a bucket. Well – it’s at the top of my list.