New year – new you?

January has got a lot to answer for. I got a lot of things in the sales, including a black eye and two broken ribs.

I also started my diet again after reading a new medical report that almost 90% of 40 to 60 year olds are overweight, and in danger of heart attacks and diabetes. It frightened me so much that I’ve started jogging to McDonalds.

I decided a check up was in order, new year, new me and all that. But there is now a four week wait to see my GP. Bit of a waste of time I think, as I’ve only got a 24 hour bug.

Top of my bucket list is now managing to get an appointment to see my GP before I die.

This is the time of year when you tell everyone what a great Christmas you had, until the credit and store card bills drop through the door.  I’ve returned all of mine with a note to forward them on to Santa, after all, doesn’t he brings all of the presents?