It’s nice to know I’m being checked out regularly!


I have just realised that this will be the 144th page I’ve presented to the South Wales Evening Post and in addition to this, slightly surprised by the fact that I continue to come up with new ideas and stories on a weekly basis.

This was not something that I planned. I just happened to be approached and accepted the challenge in my usual enthusiastic way. Learning on the job is one way of describing the journey so far.

Having said that, it has now become a regular occurrence to be approached by the public while out on my travels, only to be complimented on my weekly newspaper articles.

It’s nice to learn that people are gaining some pleasure from my work. Even my doctor commented recently, which totally threw me as he was carrying out my first ever prostate examination at the time. My reply was quite high pitched.

Not the conversation I was expecting and not that I have a prostate issue, but I’m at the age where regular check-ups are advisory.

So if you are reading this, clearly you are checking out my column. If you are male and of a mature age then make sure you also regularly check out your prostate condition. You can thank me later.