This is not a case of snobbery!

We’re constantly told to use our cars less and public transport more to improve our health and help un-clog our busy road networks and avoid apocalyptic gridlock*.

But cars are so convenient for travelling to work every day…the supermarket once a week…and George & Amal Clooney’s Berkshire mansion several times a year.  Oh, is that just me?

Buying a car and paying for Road Tax, insurance, fuel, maintenance etc, is expensive, so understandably motorists are reluctant to spend more money on public transport.

Besides, due to severe cuts in bus services, while we might travel to work by bus every morning, if we ever work overtime we might not necessarily be able to come home on one in the evening.  And think of shift workers and people who live in rural areas.

However, the true reason motorists avoid using the bus is because they don’t like travelling with other people!  This isn’t snobbery.

On buses, you have no idea who your travelling companions will be and not everyone is as considerate or well-mannered as you and me.

A friend of mine told me about a recent ‘bus ride he took to attend a Christmas ‘do’… “I caught the 7.30 pm into town, which, due to council cuts, was the last bus of the evening!  The only spare seat was next to a ‘big-boned’ young woman who took up so much space there was only just enough room left for me to rest one bum-cheek.  She slowly and noisily munched her way through a large bag of crisps, listened to music on her iPhone and stared ahead in a cheese and onion induced trance.  Behind me, a man constantly sniffed so loudly I wanted to hand him a tissue.  Two seats ahead, a couple of lads were using language which was more suitable for a rugby club locker room.  My journey was so excruciating, when I got off in town, I knew exactly what my response would be next time someone suggested I take the bus…  On your bike!”

*Try saying Apocalyptic Gridlock while you’re eating a packet of cheese and onion crisps!