OAPs have earned respect

Having once failed to place an ‘envy wedge’ between the old and the young, certain politicians are again criticising the elderly for having a regular pension and owning their home.  Damned cheek!

Pensioners are only in that fortunate position because they worked all their lives to put a roof over their heads, foregoing foreign holidays and many luxuries that today’s youngsters take for granted.

A while back, these ‘stirrers’ in high office maintained that senior citizens were better off than the under-35s.

Fact. One in six pensioners is living in poverty.

The ‘stirrers’ are now calling the State Pension a ‘benefit’ and that senior citizens are becoming a strain on the economy.  Well, pardon us all for growing old!

Let’s get this straight. The State Pension (the lowest in Europe by the way) is not and has never been a ‘benefit’.  Today’s retirees are entitled to their Pension because they’ve paid into the system for 40 years or more.

Here’s another Fact. While it’s not easy to get a mortgage these days, the night time economy – millions spent every week in bars and nightclubs – relies on the under 35s disposable income.

You can’t go out every weekend, knocking back pints, shots and Prosecco Collapso until dawn and save up for a large deposit on a house.  It’s basic maths…innit?

It was once commonplace for couples – now today’s pensioners – to live with their in-laws for the first few years of their marriage, which often led to tensions. but it was the only way the newly weds could save a deposit for their own place.

While saving-up, their idea of a wild night out was going to the pictures, a bag of chips on the way home and falling asleep in front of the telly before midnight – which is now the time when many of today’s youngsters are just going out!

And next time you see a queue waiting outside a mobile phone shop, eager to buy the latest £500 model, there won’t be many pensioners in the line.

Stirrers…I’m on to you!