Oh brother…. what a year!

Feeling gloomy?  Depressed?  You’re not alone.

Unless you’ve just won the Lottery, many of us think that, so far, 2018 is a big disappointment.

There’s still a loud, unpleasant Trump in the White House. Kim Jong-Un is still on the verge of exploding in a giant fireball of anger and Emmental cheese (his favourite food). And Vladimir Putin, according to some newspapers, is planning to invade the UK.

As around 300,000 Russians already live in the UK and Russian businessmen own British newspapers and football teams, hasn’t it already started?

Perhaps we’d better learn the Russian for ‘Welcome’?
Dah-broh poh-zhahl-oh-vat!

Then, there’s the fast-moving revolution regarding how men should behave towards women, which spread from Hollywood to all corners of the world, including Fishguard.

While I agree there have been too many examples of powerful men – in all walks of life – taking advantage of younger women (and a change was overdue!), has it gone too far in the opposite direction?

I ask this because last week a lady on Breakfast TV claimed that winkingis now considered sexual harassment. Hearing that, I phoned our local monastery to ask if they had any vacancies for a monk.

And recently a well-mannered mate of mine opened a shop door to allow a young girl to enter the building, only to receive a scowl and a tetchy. “I can manage on my own!”

The way we’re supposed to behave and interact with each other today has become a social minefield.

Add to all these things the persistent wet weather we’ve been subjected to and it’s no wonder so many usually cheerful people are looking down in the mouth.

So, what can we do to offset this mounting mass of misery?
Don’t ask me.  I’ve just shaved my head. I now answer to the name of Brother Philip . . .